Daisy Frost, a novel question

Liz Thomson
News - Books 16 Oct 2008

The pseudonymous literary agent Daisy Frost, whose Bookseller gossip column has intrigued and irritated many UK publishers, is at work on a novel. Miss Daisy Frost is being touted by David Godwin, whose involvement may or may not give a clue about the identity of the author. It was former Deputy Editor Joel Rickett who commissioned the column and, officially, only he knows Frost's true identity. Though it was assumed for a time that Rickett was at least a co-author of the Frost report, it's now believed that the writer is a genuine agent.

Ali Gunn - always one to cast caution to the winds and shoot from the lip - has been mentioned as a possible candidate. Then again, it was Gunn who, at LBF '07, was touting Ego, a Primary Colors for the publishing world, which was to be co-written by 'an internationally best-selling author published in 17 countries' and a London-based literary agent, assumed at one stage to be Gunn herself. Other names thrown into the ring included Vivienne Schuster, a colleague of Gunn's from Curtis Brown days, and Simon Trewin, then at PFD and now at United Agents. In any event, little or nothing appears to have come of Ego.

Miss Daisy Frost, for which Godwin is circulating a 17,000-word proposal, will be a mixture of first-person narrative, emails and texts. It will cover Daisy's personal life as well as her publishing one (though all of us in the business know the two are indivisible).

Daisy works at the Edward Cecil Agency in Piccadilly, not far, one assumes, from Curtis Brown. In her proposal she explains: 'I thought I owed it to the world to commit the real truth about the last year to paper, electronic or otherwise, like a modern day Cecily in The Importance Of Being Earnest, which, like her, would mean I would always have something sensational to read on the train . I wanted to write something like Piers Morgan's eminent volume: unreliable, biased and full of blatant porkies. But with better hair.'



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