Ebook debut for Transworld

Liz Thomson
News - Books 15 Oct 2008

Transworld Publishers, working closely with the Random House Group Digital team, will tomorrow publish A Lion Called Christian as an ebook original - the first time Random House has published a work in an eBook format prior to releasing a print version.

During the summer of 2008, YouTube.com featured a two-minute clip that became an overnight phenomenon. It showed the remarkable, highly moving reunion of two men and their pet lion, Christian, after they had left him in Africa with Born Free's George Adamson. It has now been viewed by over 44 million people. A Lion Called Christian was originally published in 1971 and is the story behind the amazing clip.

Sally Gaminara, Publishing Director of Bantam Press, acquired world rights through Caroline Michel at PFD. Foreign language rights have now been sold in four countries with more under negotiation, with TV and film deals in discussion.

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