S&S unveils new website

News - Publishing Thursday, 06 December 2018

The update represents a top-to-bottom makeover for the publisher's site; sites redesigned in US and UK

Simon & Schuster has revealed its updated website, simonandschuster.com, the official website of Simon & Schuster, Inc. The new website, which represents a top-to-bottom makeover, continues 'Simon & Schuster's tradition of constantly refining its digital presence to help readers find information about their favourite books and authors, or newly discovered gems, in the most direct and accessible manner from any device, with a special focus on mobile phones and tablets,' according to a statement from the publisher in New York.

Carolyn Reidy, president and ceo of Simon & Schuster, said: "In an increasingly digital world, our success is dependent on helping readers easily find the information they need and want. This latest update of our site is part of our ongoing effort to employ the latest and most effective tools and principles of web design to better serve readers and highlight our books and authors."

Liz Perl, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, said: "With more than 50% of the traffic to our site coming from mobile, and 60% generated by search, we have designed the new simonandschuster.com to maximise the speed at which readers can find the books and authors they are looking for, and to present a full suite of information all in one place once they arrive. This improved design and functionality makes searching for books and exclusive content easier and faster than ever, no matter how you arrive at our site."

Some of the new and improved functions include: optimisation for mobile—improved swiping and tapping capabilities; improved book pages; Find Your Favorite Authors and Book Club Favorites. The site will maintain some of the features from the former site that users liked, such as bestseller information, curated book recommendations, series pages and a carousel of new releases.

The update will feature streamlined navigation and higher quality images, and will cut page load time in half.

Simon & Schuster's consumer sites in the UK, Australia, Canada and India, and its business-to-business sites simonandschuster.biz and simonandschuster.net will be launched simultaneously.

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