Val Wood celebrates 25 years with Transworld

News - Publishing Friday, 30 November 2018

Val Wood and Transworld are marking the 25th anniversary of her first novel The Hungry Tide; career total of 1.5 million sales across 25 titles since then

Wood is celebrating 25 years since she won the Catherine Cookson award for The Hungry Tide in 1993. She has been published by Transworld ever since and has now sold over 1.5 million copies in the UK across all books and platforms. The Innkeeper’s Daughter and The Doorstep Girls reached the Times bestseller lists in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

Wood is revered in her home county of East Riding of Yorkshire and the city of Hull: in 2017, she
was made an honorary doctorate from the University of Hull. Her catalogue of books were named among the top loaned titles in UK libraries by R4’s Open Book and she runs a short story competition in partnership with Hull Central Library.

To celebrate the publication of her 25th title, A Place to Call Home, Transworld is giving away ten
sets of all of Val’s books to libraries in the Hull area.

Wood said: "In 1993 on winning the Catherine Cookson award with my first novel, The Hungry Tide, I felt that I had been thrown into the deep pool of publication and come up gasping. Although I had spent most of my life with stories in my head, this was different, something real, rather scary and humbling too that my words had attracted attention and here I could shine.

"Twenty five wonderful years later I am still bemused by my good fortune, gratified that I can let
my imagination soar and thankful that I am still with the same publishers who understand me, and
astonished by the support of my scores of cherished readers who ask ‘when is the next book coming out?'"

Francesca Best, editorial director at Transworld, said: "It makes us so proud to celebrate 25 years of writing from Val Wood, since she won the Catherine Cookson prize with The Hungry Tide. Val is a treasure of the Transworld list and a real delight to work with – we count ourselves extremely lucky to be her publishers."

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